Message from the President

The Canadian Association of Teachers of Korean (CATK) was founded in 2017, bringing together educators who share a common goal of promoting the spread of Korean language education in various educational institutions in Canada. Since then, with the support of Korean governmental institutions such as the Korean Education Centre in Canada and the Academy of Korean Studies, we have consistently held annual academic conferences, winter colloquiums, and the Toronto Korean Speaking Contest. Over the past few years, we have placed emphasis on establishing CATK as an academic organization despite facing various trials and errors.

CATK aims to pursue several progressive goals in the future. Firstly, we are dedicated to strengthening networks among diverse educational institutions and educators in different regions of Canada. Particularly, through the collaboration of our members in K-12 education, higher education, and continuing education institutions, we aim to establish consistent educational objectives and curricula tailored to the local context of Canada. Additionally, we will continue to organize various academic events to provide ongoing opportunities for teacher training and re-education. Furthermore, we are planning initiatives to enhance support for K-12 institutions, which have experienced a rapid increase in demand. We are also making efforts to revise the current bylaws to reflect the diverse voices of our members in accordance with the demands of the times and regions. Additionally, by ensuring the financial stability of the association, we strive to support not only academic conferences and journal publications but also innovative and creative projects. These goals can be achieved through the active participation and cooperation of all CATK members. We sincerely listen to and appreciate the opinions of all members regarding the operation and development of the organization. Lastly, we express our gratitude to the hardworking teachers in various educational settings who contribute to the spread of Korean language education.


Kyoungrok Ko

President of the Canadian Association of Teachers of Korean (CATK)