2022 Quiz on Korea (Canada Preliminary Round)

Kyoungrok (UT) Ko
2022-04-11 15:13
□ The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Toronto will hold an online <2022 Quiz on Korea (Canada Preliminary Round)>
event on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 2:00PM in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Korea of the University of Toronto.
□ <2022 Quiz on Korea (Canada Preliminary Round)> will be held in the form of a participatory quiz competition to provide Korean-related knowledge such as Korean social news, culture, and history to non-Koreans learning Korean in Canada.
□ In particular, the top winners of each country's preliminary round will be invited to Korea to attend the Final Round hosted by KBS.
(* However, it can change depending on the COVID-19 situation in Korea.)
□ Eligibility to participate (all of the following conditions ◦ must be met)
- 18 years of age or older (as of April 30, 2022)
- A person who has or has never held Korean nationality by himself/herself or his/her immediate family (The immediate family of overseas Koreans may not participate)
□ 2022 Quiz on Korea (Canada Preliminary Round)
- For non-Korean students who studying Korean language to encourage them to learn more about Korean & K-culture -
- A person who can speak Korean (English)
· A person who never participated in Quiz on Korea Final round in the past.
· (Winner of the first prize) A person who is eligible to visit Korea during the Final Round competition.
→ Final Round is scheduled for September 4th 2022, there will be a week of tour around Korea
※ Flights and accommodations during the visit to Korea will be provided to the Final Round contestant (There will not be any translators/subtitles provided at the Final Round, hence Intermediate Korean language skill is required)
◦ Prize
- 1st place: 700 CAD / 2nd place: 550 CAD / 3rd place: 400 CAD/4th place: 250 CAD / 5th place: 100 CAD *All in gift card
- 6th place ~ 50th place : online gift card(20 CAD)
- 51th place ~ 100th place : online gift card(10 CAD)
※ After the event, 10 participants who participated in the survey will receive online gift certificates (10 CAD) through a lottery.
□ <2022 Quiz on Korea (Canada Preliminary Round)> can be registered online by April 22, 2022 (Friday) and the detailed registration method is as follows.
◦ Register Link : (* )
- E-mail and personal information entered at the time of participation registration will be used only for event and product delivery purposes, and will be deleted afterwards.
- Zoom link will be sent by e-mail to registerers after April 25th (* The access number PIN for the Quiz program( will be announced on the day of the Preliminary Round (April 30th)
- All participants must join with legal name and are required to have their camera on at all time during the competition
□ Preliminary Round participant study reference : Search QUIZ ON KOREA on KBS WORLD TV YouTube Channel
- 2021 Quiz on Korea :
- 2020 Quiz on Korea :
- 2019 Quiz on Korea : (Part1) (Part2)
- 2018 Quiz on Korea :
Through participation □ in the <2022 Quiz on Korea (Canada Preliminary Round)>, we hope that Canadian students and locals learning Korean will have an opportunity to fully demonstrate their Korean skills and understand Korean culture.