Korean Applied Linguistics Conference

Yujeong Choi
2022-10-11 18:34
펜실베니아 주립대학에서 2023년 2월 17일-18일에 Korean Applied Linguistics Conference를  Online ( 에서 개최하려고 합니다.

Rutguers University의  Young-mee Yu Cho 선생님과 University of Oxford의  Jieun Kiaer 선생님께서 Pleanary Speakers를 맡아주실 예정입니다.

Penn State Institute for Korean Studies 

 Korean Applied Linguistics Conference  

Pennsylvania State University 

State College, PA 

Feb 17-18, 2023, virtual conference 

Call for papers 

Deadline for Submission: November 30th, 2022

Notification of results: December 15th, 2022

The Penn State Institute for Korean Studies is hosting the 2nd Korean Applied Linguistics Conference, with this year’s theme: Exploring New Waves in Korean Applied Linguistics. By “new waves” we refer dually to The Korean Wave as well as to the various new and emerging approaches in the diverse fields related to Korean Applied Linguistics.

Thanks to the international popularity of Korean movies, dramas, and K-Pop, the number of Korean L2 learners has increased significantly. According to the most recent MLA report (2018), Korean is the only language that showed a sharp increase in enrollment (+13.7%) over the past few years and ranks as the 11th most taught language in US colleges and universities in 2016. The growing visibility of Korean culture and language has also brought diverse groups of learners to Korean language and content classes, resulting in wider ranges of students with varying proficiency levels, learner characteristics, goals, and expectations.

Embracing the theme “Exploring New Waves in Korean Applied Linguistics,” the 2nd Penn State Korean Applied Linguistics Conference invites proposals for research and research-informed practical application that discusses the diversity underlying Korean learners’ language use and learning as well as new approaches to and methodologies concerning Korean Applied Linguistics. Abstracts addressing any aspect of Korean Applied Linguistics in higher education are welcome.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

·       Korean second language acquisition

·       Discourse analysis/critical discourse analysis

·       Conversation Analysis

·       Language and society

·       Cognitive linguistics

·       Pragmatics

·       Linguistic perspectives on Korean diaspora/ Linguistic Landscape

·       General linguistics and its implications for KSL teaching

·       Language assessment

·       Corpus linguistics and learner corpus in KSL

Graduate Student Awards

The Center for Language Acquisition at Penn State will support Graduate Student Awards to recognize emerging scholarship in the field and foster intellectual exchange.

For more information and abstract submission, please visit


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