2023 Conference

Teaching Material Exchange 
On-site 1. 미디어 제작을 통한 한국어와 한국 문화 교육 Vivienne Kang

(Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board)

Siyeon Pyo

(Limestone District School Board)

On-site 2. Implementing a Creative Group Video Project in an Intermediate Korean Course Hyekyung Song

(University of Manitoba)

On-site 3. Exploring the Potential of AI-Powered Voice Recognition Technology in Korean Language Teaching and Learning        Yujeong Choi and Kyoungrok Ko

(University of Toronto)





Presentation (50 minutes) + Q&A (10 minutes)

4. Fostering Synergistic and Collaborative Educational Programs for K-12 and University Outreach: Enriching Experiential Learning Opportunities for Korean Language Learners

Ho Jung Choi (Princeton University)

Kyung-Eun Yoon (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

EunJung Kim (Democracy Prep Bronx High School)

Bob Huh (Eleanor Roosevelt High School)

Paper Presentations 

Presentation (20 minutes) + Q&A (10 minutes)

On-site 5. Factors Influencing Discontinuation of Korean Language Learning: Insights and Recommendations Mihyon Jeon (York University)

Daehee Kim (Wonkwang University)

On-site 6. 음악 요소를 통한 한국어 경음 발음 교육 방안 Hyechin Jun

(Winnipeg School Division)

Paper + Teaching Material Exchange Presentations 

Presentation (20 minutes) + Q&A (10 minutes)


Zoom 7. Fostering Literacy Skills Through a Reading Club for Korean Language Learners Hyeyoon Cho

(University of Toronto)

Zoom 8. Speak Korean in the Digital World:  Development and Implementation of Learner-centered Interactive Tasks in the Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE) Namseok Yong

(Princeton University)

Zoom 9. 초급 한국어 교재의 개발과 활용 방안 연구 Sooyoung Kim

Misuk Kim

Seungjoo Baek

So-Won Chang

(Seoul National University)

Zoom Special Presentation


10. 국외 한국어교육의 현황과 대안: 국가 정책과 K티처 사업을 중심으로


So-Won Chang

(National Institute of Korean Language)